A Vision Board (VB) is a board where one displays his/her own dreams, fantasies, affirmations symbolizing all the things in life one desires, in order to attract them.

The VB is a formidable tool, used to implement the basic principles of the Law of Attraction. Whichever dream, thought, mental image you are willing to visualize, ignites your emotions. These deliver a gush of high frequency vibrational energy to the Universe which, in turn, surrenders to you the success you want, and the goals you plan to achieve, to make your dreams come true.

Our Vision Board Box (VBB) is designed to help you channel your energy, and visually organize your dreams, your aspirations, your thoughts, your images, and your words into a coordinated plan. The VB you create with our VBB is a picture of your ideal future, the way you envision it, the way you dream it. Those images deliver your plan to the Universe.

Your high frequency vibrational energy is the thrust, our Vision Board Box is the vehicle.

You can create your VB in a number of ways, from the simplest, to the most creative one. Imagine, for example, growing flowers: you can start seeding one type, or seeding many; you can mix colors, as you can mix smells. The flowers are your aspirations, your images, and they spring out of your intensions, your mind. Your VB is the flowerpot, which constantly reminds you to take care of your dreams by keeping you focused upon them.

Creating a VB can be a fun, relaxing, yet pervasive experience. Like a dream, you can build it alone, or with partners who share your passions, your beliefs. When you create your VB, just remember: Everything is possible in the presence of the Universe; so be lavish, superb, magnificent. Our VBB may very well be the best blessing you give yourself, and your loved ones.

Bless yourself with a dream! Bless your loved ones with a dream