Power of Affirmations

What are Affirmations:

Affirmations are positive and confident statements, which describe situations, objectives, or events you long for. They are your mantra, which you repeat anytime your conscious mind is available for some positive thinking. Start in the morning, when you wake up and you first see your Vision Board (VB), and repeat your Affirmations out loud. Throughout the day, when your conscious mind is not tied up in something important, you can relax for a few minutes, and repeat your mantra, your affirmations; several times a day. Repetitions reinforce your positive attitude, your beliefs, and speed up the delivery of your wishes to the Universe.

Know how to use your Affirmations, which are etched onto your subconscious through the repetitions. When your subconscious is on auto pilot, it starts working on your behalf, cooperating with the Universe to fulfill your desires, and make your Affirmations come true. Remember that negativity of words, statements, or thoughts about your life create detrimental conditions. Depending upon the way you use words, you can build, but you can also demolish. Be careful, words may fulfill your wishes when they’re positive, but can be harmful if they’re not. So always choose positive statements, if you wish for beautiful events.